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Livermore, California  November 30, 2009 - Concepts4Today - is pleased to announce
“The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label” 
The New Packaging Innovation for Consumers, The Beverage Industry, and The Environment.

The “Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label” is a new conceptual design for beverage containers which provides the consumer the ability to personalize and identify their own beverage bottle or container with a single panel on the pre-existing label for personalization.
The name panel works for all types of beverage containers and labels. After years of research and market study came the conclusion that there are three main benefits of a blank name panel on a beverage label or container for personalization and is beneficial to both consumers and the environment.

The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label Benefits:
1.   Consumers:
      The convenience of the name panel provides the ability for individual consumers to be able to easily personalize and identify their own beverage. This puts an end to beverage identification confusion.
2.    The Environment:
      With the knowledge of who the beverage belongs to, this reduces waste, less product is thrown away, and less product is wasted. This reduces the overflow in the landfills and benefits the environment by reducing unnecessary product usage and waste.
3.     Health Benefits:
      In being able to identify a beverage greatly reduces health risks associated with
      spreading of germs, illnesses and diseases through the “accidental” consumption of someone   
      else's beverage.

This eco-friendly packaging improvement is easy to implement to any beverage container label with minor changes in label or container design.

The “Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label” won Special Jury Award for “Conceptual Design” in the Beverage World Publications 2nd Annual Packaging Awards, October 2009 edition.

Learn more about The“Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label” and how to adopt this new packaging innovation to your beverage product line with licensing arrangements.
Make consumables safer and user friendly for consumers everywhere.
The “Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label” is patent pending.
We look forward to Helping You Help the Environment.
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