"The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label"
Makes Any Beverage Brand Personalizable!

           Personal experience and years of R&D have found that consumers are frustrated with mixing up their beverages or losing them and would like to be able to "easily" personalize their beverage upon purchase. Ease and Convenience in packaging is extremely important for consumers today.

We are All Consumers...

Ready to Go Beverages will always be necessary and convenient. It's time to make them Personal.

          We have all tried tricks, charms, and pens to personalize our beverages, but these are inconvenient and ineffective. The Personal Name Space is a blank space pre-designed into any beverage label or container so that it is available to the consumer on the beverage when purchased. All that is needed is a writing instrument in order to personalize a beverage instantly upon purchase and is easily identifiable on a label full of graphics. 

          The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label "Personal Name Space" solves the problem and ends beverage confusion. The ability to quickly and easily personalize our beverages in our fast paced lives is of great value wherever they are consumed ie; sporting events, schools, preschools, daycare, offices, vacations, road trips, colleges, parties, homes, fitness gyms, etc...


 This Award Winning Innovation is Available for Bottled Waters, Sodas, Juice Bottles,
Box Drinks, Pouches, Glass, and Cans

The Brand Benefits Are:

1. Your Brand becomes Consumer Friendly and Boosts Your Bottom Line

2. Cost Effective with ROI.

3. No extra equipment to purchase.

4. Easy to add to any label or container design.

5. Good Promotions and Press

The “Personalizable Beverage Name Label” won Special Jury Award in the Beverage World 2nd Annual Packaging Award October 2009. See it Here:

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Call for More Information and Licensing: 925-449-4970

Patent Pending 2009

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