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More companies turn to renewable packaging
John Kalkowski -- Packaging Digest, 11/15/2010 8:01:09 AM
It's not always what you make, but how you wrap it.

Retailers, CPGs see growth in private labels
John Kalkowski -- Packaging Digest, 11/15/2010 8:43:56 AM

Labels help packaging grab attention
by Molly V. Strzelecki
November 12, 2010

Consumers Want Sustainable Food And Beverages, But Labels Confuse Them 11/12/2010
While 84 percent of consumers say they regularly buy green or sustainable food and drink, some are unaware of what the claims actually mean, according to Progressive Grocer.
For the full story:$28573&ref=nl

More Americans purchasing private-label products
posted by Linda Casey -- Packaging Digest, 11/12/2010 11:19:29 AM

Consumers Choosing Drinks with Greener Packaging
By GreenerDesign Staff
Published August 13, 2010

Green Shoppers Misunderstand Label Claims

Has Green Stopped Giving?
Seeds of Consumers Revolt Sprouting Against Some Environmentally Friendly Product Lines
By Jack Neff
Published: November 08, 2010

Humility and Platforms Key to Packaging Innovation

IBWA Asks Consumers to Show Their Support for Bottled Water 
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 07:16

Water experiences bottle neck in sales
by Rick Rouan
October 15, 2010

Packaging The Story Of Your Business

7 steps to minimize food safety liability

A Plea design with conviction or don’t design at all

Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design

Bottled Water Rebound

The CEO’s Role in Fixing the Problem

CEO’s need to see through walls

Customization for the New Me Generation

Design Different

Designers are the New Drivers of American Entrepreurialism

Ecologic CEO explains origins of packaging firm

Environmental Working Group Bottled Water Report

Global poll shows Fairtrade most widely recognized ethical label globally. #fairtrade

FDA Basics for Industry


FDA Releases New Food Safety Guidelines

Ecologic CEO explains origins of packaging firm

Environmental Working Group Bottled Water Report

Fill a niche with a Trial

Five Deadly Sins in Packaging Your Product

Focusing on Good Design, Not (Just) Good Decoration

Global label demand ‘to reach 51.6 billion sqm by 2015’,KW29,2EUHNA,1P35P,1






















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