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"The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label" was born after years of research and market studies on human behavior, consumer driven needs, the environmental impact from waste, the prevention of illnesses and diseases and the desire to personalize a beverage.

This New Innovation, "TPBBNL" for short, a.k.a. "Personal Name Panel" will lighten the environmental impact of beverage bottles and containers in the landfills, reduces the possibility of sharing germs and diseases by drinking someone else's beverage, and make beverages easier to identify. 

The new "Personal Name Panel" is available for any beverage label, and any beverage container with very little changes to the pre-existing beverage label design. It's So Simple!

The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label works well on Beverage Bottles, Waters, Sodas, etc..

This is ideal for childrens' drinks too, such as box juices, juice pouches, waters, and others as children get them mixed up in the many activities in which they need to have drinks available for them.

This basic beverage identification panel is great for anyone, anywhere beverages are consumed, from large corporations, conferences, sporting events, concerts, etc... to a small family home or office, or family vacation or outing.

Anywhere one might want to know which beverage is theirs.

This is a Simple, yet Cost Effective Solution to a problem that is Consumer Driven, In Demand and Environmentally Beneficial. Licensing is available for any company that qualifies.

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Patent-Pending 2009

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