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The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label

Positive Consumption For Consumers and the Environment.

Concepts4Today has The Answer to Reduce Waste, Reduce Health Risks, and Makes Personalization of a Beverage Container Easy at Point of Purchase. 

The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label

Beverage Facts:

Convenience Bottled Beverages are a luxury and are consumed daily and will always be one of the most consistent but unnecessary wastes in the world.

Nearly $11 billion worth of bottled water is bought in this country each year. That's only Bottled Water...
Bottled Beverages are a product that continues to sell, and continues to be a really big problem for our environment.
Alot of water bottles-- and even more beverages are responsible for this waste.
It takes 1.5 million barrels of oil -- enough to fuel 100,000 cars for a year to make the plastic bottles to meet Americans' demand for bottled water.
The kind of plastic most commonly used for water bottles -- polyethylene terephthalate, or PET -- is recyclable.

Consumers recycle only one of every five bottles they drink, with the rest ending up in landfills.
"Bottled waste is wasted energy and wasted resources that are being landfilled unnecessarily.

With the "Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label, less bottles are wasted benefiting the environment in reducing waste in the landfills.

Concepts4Today designed and patented this Personalizable Name Space knowing that if you reduce the waste of a half drank beverage by easily being able to apply the owners name to it, the person can finish it, and thus not need to waste it.

The Personalizable Beverge Bottle Name Label is Simple...

This is simply a Personalizable Blank Name Space designed into any pre-existing beverage label of any substance or beverage box, or pouch, in any location of label and container using any shape chosen.

The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label Benefits:
1. The Consumer - Promotes Positive Consumption through Easy Personalization.
2. The Environment - Reduces Unnecessary Waste in the Landfills.
3. Your Health - Reduces the chances of contracting illness and disease through accidental consumption.

The Personalizable Beverage Bottle Name Label is the Perfect Addition to any Company's Beverage Label or Container...

Easily Incorporate a Personal Blank Name Space for Your Beverage into any of the following Containers:

1.Beverage Bottle Labels

2.Beverage Drink Boxes

3.Beverage Pouch Drinks

Great for beverages anywhere beverages are consumed; sporting events, kids drinks, schools or daycares, trips, offices, homes, conferences or anywhere...

This is Patent Pending Innovation is Available for Licensing Arrangements, Other Beverage Companies are Benefiting their Customers and find it Very Useful and Environmentally Friendly...Get Yours Today and Make the World a Better Place!

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