The Award Winning 

"Personalizable Beverage Name Space"

Making Beverages &

Consumer Goods Personal!



 The "Personalizable Beverage Name Space" was designed to meet

the consumers' need for easy and instant personalization

 of ready to drink beverage containers and snack products.

In our fast paced societies we easily mix up our beverages and containers,

and our lunch items and snack products at schools, offices, and parties also.

What a perfect way to end the mixup!

"The Personalizable Beverage Name Space"

 makes it easy and  promotes positive and safe consumption!



The "Personalizable Beverage Name Space" Benefits Your Consumers:

1. Easy personalization of any beverage or container upon purchase.

2. Reduces beverage confusion and the risks of illness and disease.

3. Makes any consumer snack or food item "Personal"

4. Consumer and environmentally friendly.


The "Personalizable Beverage Name Space"  Benefits Your Brand: 

1. Quick & easy to implement without any extra equipment.

2. Promotes consumer food and beverage safety, health and wellness.

3. Makes your brands stand out with extra consumer value.

4. Increase your sales.



"Make it Personal, Keep it Real"


We have many protected technologies and applications available for

beverage bottles, labels, juice boxes, pouches, beverage containers and single

serve consumer goods products and packaging...



 Contact us today to see what's best for your customers, products and packaging!

~ We Look Forward to Helping You Help Others ~



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